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What is first jet flight feels like?

You don’t have to know that, really. But beware that you will never forget it and you will want to fly again and again. You can try to assure us…and yourself that this, second…or fifteenth flight will be the last one, but you will surely come again. And we will not be surprised.

So what’s so special there in sky? If you really want us to explain, we’ll try to. The first flight is like the first motorbike trip at ten. It is just as interesting and exciting. It is like the first kiss at sixteen. Just as scaring. It is like your first deal at twenty three, you will feel just as proud of yourself. But you will really feel and be able to express it in words weeks or months after the flight. All the impressions after the first landing our newcomers usually express in scraps of phrases and sounds, so we have to guess about them.

We all envy you, you know. We are never going to feel the excitement and fear of the moment when the jet shoots up into the sky. Maybe we try so hard to show the flight to newcomers. Nobody is going to make you put your hands on the flight stick– there are pilots to do that. But you can see the earth and the sky and their dance during aerial acrobatics. Probably, while flying you will be kicking yourself for that, but after the plane lands, you will want to fly again and again.

Rest assured.

If it is not your first flight…

“I have already travelled by plane, I have seen everything, what for on Earth shall I do that?”

What for?! We usually know what to say to such confident guys. 

Speed, drive, G-force. What’s it like when the world around you snaps into the spin, when you rush overground at speed of half a thousand km/h, race and swirl in the clouds. What is it like to feel jet power, to feel like a jet pilot?!

“That is what you haven’t surely seen!”

And what if you are really experienced.

 You know what it is.

You know what it is like.

You really know why you need this…

…no more words are needed

Are you ready? Let’s go!!!

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